Saturday, October 23, 2010

Possible Ms.RJ2 Sighted!!

I went in for another u/s scan yesterday, CD17, to see what's up with my eggs. Here's what the scan said:

I have a 14mm follicle still in there, which I will now call Ms.RJ2 (my second egg since going on Royal Jelly) A week ago there were two - a 8mm and a 5mm. I don't know what happened to the second follicle. Maybe it ovulated or maybe it did a houdini? I don't know. Well, I've actually read about women who ovulated twice in a cycle--I'd never be that lucky, but who knows? My eggs are a bit of a delinquent freak!

But Dr.NeverGiveUp thinks that we should assume that I have not ovulated and that we still have a shot with this egg. According to my historical data (actually last month's chart) and the looks of this egg, he predicts that I will ovulate around CD20. So we've got our game plan on... What else but sex, sex, sex in the coming week!

And oh! Dr.NeverGiveUp gave me a nice compliment - he said my lining was very, very beautiful! I should be flattered!


Esperanza said...

Glad to hear you have an eggie in there waiting to be hatched! Have fun baby dancing this week!

Gurlee said...

Excellent in more than one way, good lining, good follicle and good sex! The nasty royal jelly may be a magic potion after all, huh?
Thanks for all your fab support, I am trying to channel your Zengirl vibes as it is getting more difficult towards the end.

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

What great news!

Rachel said...

RJ2 better do her thing. Good news on the lining.