Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sex Nightmare

Well, I am not talking about a movie or a dream, but as usual, it is my damn high-drama IF life.

WARNING: This is a TMI post!

It's 6DPO this Halloween, and still feeling a bit frisky, I thought it would be ok to have a little luvin'. I certainly remember Dr.NeverGiveUp's advice about not having sex 3-4 days prior to AF (read here and here). And I thought I was still in the clear.

Well, hubs and I were both shocked to discover brown discharge halfway through it. It did not start out this way, nor was I spotting before. Could we have induced another early period with sex again?  I mean it's another 8 days till my period is due! WTF? The brown spotting has not increased but it has not stopped. Do I have some crappy incompetent cervix that can't keep my lining in somehow?

My nipples are still sore, but it's less intense now. My BBT is still relatively low-I think it indicates my progesterone production is still not great. And I've been feeling very crampy and bloated the last couple of days, though it has subsided. And some of the blood from my so called "beautiful" lining has shed-I think that's what the brown stuff was. Shit! Things don't look good. There goes my BFP. 

It's been a hell of a Halloween! Hope yours was better.


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Oh no...That is weird. I can't imagine sex would cause your period to show up THAT early. What a bummer.

Lavonne said...

I had brown discharge with both of my pregnancies. When I was on birth control I would always get it at the end of AF, but never at the beginning. But with both pregnancies I had brown discharge 1-3 days before my BFP.

Good Luck!

Rachel said...

Oh that really SUCKS. I am sorry.

Melissa said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news. Prayers coming your way!

Rachel said...

Zengirl, you have vanished from blog land. I hope all is well. Miss you.