Friday, October 15, 2010

Potential Ms.RJ II

So I am in the egg-nurturing phase now, to make sure I get a lovely egg this cycle. The u/s scan today revealed that I have 2 potential "Ms.RJ the Second" in my right ovary. It's CD11 and they measure 8mm and 5mm currently.

Other than that, there's nothing much to report. Well, maybe I can tell you that my libido's great, my mood's great and my weight loss has been going great:

Hubs really loves the effect that Dr.NeverGiveUp's meds are having on me. He loves them because I am always horny for him and he tells me my mood is always good these days. I am never irritable and I don't get upset over little things anymore. He can never tell when I am PMS-ing or when my period's coming. He feels like I am more like what I used to be when we were first married.  He calls them mood-enhancing drugs and he wants me to be on them. Forever!

And I am about 2.5 points away from the healthy range of the Body Mass Index now. I can't believe I let myself put on so much weight since my miscarriage last year. I'm really worried about additional health problems if I get pregnant at the weight I am now. But all this exercise and portion control has been helping a great deal. Hubs thinks the weight loss has been visible and he feels I am beginning to look sexy now - "Delicious!" were his words to me today! LOL! That's been really encouraging. So I'm not gonna stop now till I look "HOT"!!!

(Then I can put it all back on for the baby.... Eeeek!)


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Can I have some of Dr.NeverGiveUp's meds?? My husband would really appreciate it!

Gurlee said...

You really are doing great! Two follicles, weight loss and a kick ass sex-drive, damn woman, you got it going on! Keep growing follies, woo-hoo.

Rachel said...

Yes I think I need some of that stuff too. I sometimes wear grandma PJs to not attract attention from DH :). My libido is dead most of the time.
You are having a great cycle. Seeing possible RJ2 at CD11 is great. Your cycles are shorting. I have a feeling things are definitely looking up.