Friday, October 1, 2010

Monster Egg

Ms.RJ1 has turned into a MONSTER!

Today she measured in at 30mm!!! WTF? That's about 1 1/4 inch in diameter!

Apparently she found my ovary too comfortable and did not want to leave! The u/s scan showed that she's looking a bit whitish, which means that she will not ovulate. She is turning into a cyst, which will hopefully dissolve eventually (keeping my fingers crossed).

Dr.Never GiveUp came to a few conclusions about my state:


I have Luteinizing Unruptured Follicle Syndrome (LUFS of LUF) which may be caused by 2 things:

  1. Insufficient luteinizing hormone (LH) to trigger ovulation. LH is produced by the pituitary gland, therefore this may point to a problem with my pituitary gland
  2. There is a problem in the quality of my egg (Surprise!Surprise!) whereby the "shell" may too tough for the egg to break through, even with sufficient LH
Dr.Never GiveUp noted that I did show a LH surge in my OPK, and from his years of experience, feels that the problem usually does not lie with LH production, but more towards the egg quality. He told me not to worry as he had many patients with this problem and that his chinese herbal medicine (TCM) will help in my case. He said that it is not possible to treat the pituitary gland so to speak, but he will continue to concentrate on improving egg quality.

My lining has thickened to 18mm which means that I should expect AF within the next few days.


"At least you're producing eggs!" His exact words. Whoopee???

The Itch Bitch is gone! Good riddance!

I am super horny again. And I am producing abundant clearish cervical mucous (CM), which is very strange to me during this part of the cycle. I know it couldn't possible be fertile CM since Ms.Monster is way past her fertile peak already. I asked Dr.Never GiveUp about the CM and he explained that a healthy woman typically produces 2 types of clear CM: estrogen mucous around ovulation, and progesterone mucous a few days before her period. Her sex drive will also peak around these times. Well, no wonder I'm so horny! He asked me if I my sex drive increased during these times. Since I am producing the progesterone mucous now, he would know that I was horny! I was a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I told him it did, where previously I did not have this pre AF symptom. This means that my body is actually improving with all these subtle signs. Good to know that something is working!


Gurlee said...

huh, very interesting.
When I wasn't controlled by synthetic hormones I almost always had two bouts of what appeared to be CM, pre ovaluation and pre period. Can't say I was blessed, or my husband for that matter, with the sex drive you have, fun!
I am so impressed with your knowledgable and enthusiastic doc.
You have a good lining and your cycles are getting shorter, if AF arrives soon, right?
There is definately some progress there.

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

What a monster...sorry she won't go away.

I am the same with the two type of CM glad to hear I am normal.

Rachel said...

You always have the best titles :). Do you feel RJ1 since she has increased in size? Yeah the CM thing also puzzles me. Although I can identify fertile CM I have CM all throughout the cycle. My Doc. thought it was an infection but all clear. Hang in there and better luck with RJ2.