Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WTF Period On 11DPO

I'm so sad.

I knew this cycle was a bust for me. I just knew I wouldn't get pregnant given the condition I'm in. And I was so sure that I wouldn't feel upset because I was already expecting a BFN.

But what do you do when AF arrives 4 days early? Today would have been 11DPO, but I've started bleeding already. This means that I had an incredibly short luteal phase at only 10 days. Which is just Plain. Bad. News.

And I am just wondering whether the love-making we had last night brought on the period. In fact, I told hubs that it may cause it to come early, though deep down I felt it was quite unlikely given that my period was still quite a few days away. So I was really shocked to wake up and find spotting on my underwear. And bright red on the TP wipe. And it's been building up. My BBT has plunged too. I'm pretty sure this is it (AF).

It's happened to me before but usually just the day or 2 before my expected AF. But never this early. Has anyone had their periods induced by sex before? If it has happened to you before, can you please let me know because I feel like such a freak right now?

If this is a normal occurrence, then, is this why they tell you not to have sex during your 2WW if you're trying to conceive? I've heard about not exercising or having sex during the 2WW and I used to stick to it religiously, but I was beginning to think that it was all bullshit when I never got pregnant anyway. Dr.NeverGiveUp told me not to exercise in the last 3 days before AF but he never mentioned anything about sex.

So now I'm upset and confused.

I already have a long list of infertility challenges - endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroid, hormonal imbalance, irregular ovulation and bad eggs. And I really don't want to add "luteal phase defect" to it.

I've been holding up quite well the whole day, but I think I'm beginning to crack.

I'm such a walking disaster.  Sniff!


S said...

I have never had sex make my period come, but I did have one treatment cycle last fall when AF arrived four days early. Not sure why. . . maybe because I produced one huge (>30mm) follicle?

Anyway, it only happened to me the one time.

And FWIW, I don't think a 10-day luteal phase = luteal phase defect. People I know who've been diagnosed with LPD usually consistently had LPs of only 7-8 days.

Lindsay Logic said...

I've had my periods come early like that, after having sex. I swear it caused it, but have only had it happen a couple of times. My theory is that hubs must sense it's getting close, and to get his game on, before he can't. ;)

I'd much rather have an early period, than a late one. (and not be pregnant) I've had a late one a couple of times and it messes with your mind!


Steph said...


I actually have tried to have sex to INDUCE my period, just because it is common for me to do so. You're not a freak, I promise! And besides, if things weren't going very well, I am glad that your body hurried up and got rid of it so you can start fresh.

Good luck!!


Gurlee said...

I have never heard of not having sex in the 2ww b/c it brings on your period.
I strongly agree with Lindsay, 11 day LP does not = a LP problem. Don't worry, it is not uncommon for LP's to vary slightly from cycle to cycle.
I am sorry it was a bust. :(

Rachel said...

I am in the same boat as you but even worse. I started spotting this cycle at 6DPO which has never happened before. I don't know what to think anymore. Usually my LP is 11-13 days.
I agree with the others, although 10 day for LP is on the short side it is not considered Luteal Phase Defect according to my Naturopath Dr.
So sorry it didn't work out this cycle.

Mad Hatter said...

Yes, I do believe sex can bring on your period if it's already ready to happen, and no, I don't think you have an LP defect - you would have to develop a pattern first.

Sorry it's a BFN...sending you good vibes for next cycle!